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Announcement :
Due to the special event and the optimization of the facilities , Publicloooooop will be temporarily closed on these dates shown below:
December  6th 、27th,2023

Publicloooooop, a circulation passageway that runs through the building, is one of the distinctive spatial features of the Taipei Performing Arts Center (TPAC). Visitors will have an opportunity to peek at the hidden corners of the theatre, backstage walkway for crew, and the outdoor lookout which affords the panorama around Shilin district via this route.

The three main theatre spaces of TPAC adopt blue as an iconic color, while orange is used for Publicloooooop as visual indication. The vibrant entrance and escalators in orange create a unique vibe and mark TPAC's take on color. Publicloooooop invites the public to experience different aspects of this building.


中心活動/參觀回路/8-1 20211128 北藝中心工地©蔡耀徵1J6A8841

How to visit Publicloooooop

  • On-site Queueing: Tickets would be distributed to visitors queueing up on-site, please enter during the designated time.
  • Groups of 20 to 50 people should make  reservations in advance. Please send us an email to notify us of the date / time (15:30 or 16:00) of the visit and the number of people.
  • Entry Times (Please refer to the table below for details):

visit schedule

Opening Hours

Wednesday to Sunday, 14:00 - 17:00 (Last entry at 16:15)


Length of the visit

Approximately 30 minutes.



Free of charge.




Special Reminders


I. Ticket distribution On-site:

  • Only 150 reservation tickets are available per day due to space constraints.
  • Each person is permitted to obtain one ticket. Admission is allowed for ticket holders only. 
  • Tickets are valid only for the date of obtaining, and please enter during the designated time. Tickets cannot be rectified at a later date. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
  • This tour is recommended for children over 3 and children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.


II. Group Reservation:

  • Groups of 20 people and above need to make reservations in advance, with a maximum of 50 people per group.
  • On the 20th of each month, you can reserve the group visits for the following month. Please send us an email to notify us of the date / time (15:30 or 16:00) of the visit and the number of people.
  • Our email address : promotionpt@tpac-taipei.org
  • Only 2 group reservations are available per day.
  • After receiving the application, we will contact the applicant by phone within 7 working days to confirm the details and send an email to make sure the reservation is done. Please reconfirm that the contact information on the application form is correct to avoid any impact on the reservation result.
  • Due to the capacity of space, a group still needs to enter in batches under the guidance of our staff.


III. Visiting Guidelines:

  • Please note that this tour includes many stairways and sign up after considering your physical condition. 
  • Food and beverage are not permitted during the tour with the exception of water drinking.
  • Except for the entrance/exit of the Publicloooooop and the outdoor lookout, video or audio recording and photography are not allowed in the indoor space.
  • Due to the proximity of the theatre space, please keep your voices low and do not use flashlights to shine into the viewing windows.
  • Viewing windows of the Publicloooooop may temporarily be covered or opaque depending on the working conditions on stage.
  • Since the route is near the theatre space with dim light and stairs, please pay attention to your safety and avoid running and jumping. Any violation of the instructions could result in dismissal from the center.
  • Due to the length of the Publicloooooop tour route, it is recommended that you use the restrooms before entering.
  • Pets (except service animals), large bags and trolleys are not permitted. Please use the coin lockers located on the 1st floor if you need to store items.