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2023 camping asia - REALNESS: LUK KREUNG 主要圖片

2023 camping asia - REALNESS: LUK KREUNG

2023-11-20 - 2023-11-21

REALNESS: LUK KREUNG is an intimate work that explores family dynamics while addressing cultural forms, performing categories and societal issues. Phitthaya Phaefuang incorporates ballroom culture with Buddhism, Thai political and cultural phenomena, and gender as a concept into the story of his mother. He views the work as a gift for her and also a performance about gaining deeper insights and examining suffering and compassion closely. 

“Luk Kreung” is a term used to describe individuals who are of mixed Thai heritage and another cultural background. Phaefuang's mother, who is Thai, and his father, who is French, made him a Luk Kreung. There was a time when being a Luk Kreung was stigmatized because their mothers were often sex workers. Nowadays, the history of this group of people has faded, been forgotten, and is rarely talked about. However, many Luk Kreung are often employed in show business, such as TV programs, movies, or the music industry, due to their exotic and distinctive facial features that appeal to the general audience. As a Luk Kreung, Phaefuang openly expresses his mother's past as a sex worker through various forms of gender performance, including catwalk, sex sirens, voguing, Thai female dance, dharma practices, and walking meditation.

Thailand|Phitthaya Phaefuang

Nicknamed Sun, was born in Chon Daen, Thailand in 1988 and moved to Norway at 3. He attended pre-study in dance at Spin-Off, and obtained his bachelor's degree in Modern and Contemporary Dance from KHIO (Oslo National Academy of the Arts) in 2011. He moved to Thailand the following year and initiated projects throughout Asia, primarily in Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan. 

With a keen interest in LGBTQ subculture, Phaefuang delves into the vibrant world of vogue and ballroom culture within the black and Latinx LGBTQ community in New York. Since 2015, he has been taking classes and participating in sessions on voguing, sex sirens, runway, and ballroom history. He has walked balls in Asia and Europe, achieved success in various competitions, and joined the House of Amazon from 2015 to 2022. Now he is a part of the Royal house of Labeija by founding mother Crystal Labeija, which was the first house ever in the ballroom history. He also pioneered the vogue and ballroom scene in Thailand and is recognized as the father and mother, or the trailblazer, of the Thailand ballroom scene. In addition to vogue and ballroom culture, Buddhism has served as the inspiration and driving force behind Phaefuang's choreographic journey. Since 2015, he has been researching Buddhism alongside gender performance. After immersing himself in Buddhism for one month in a monastery in 2020, Phaefuang continues practicing and studying dharma in his everyday life after his monkhood.

Choreographer and Performer: Phitthaya Phaefuang 
Dramaturg: Arco Renz 
Artistic Advisor: Tang Fu Kuen 
Light Design and Technical Director: Jui- Hsuan Tseng (Ray Tseng) 
Music Composed by Pisitakun Kuantalaeng, Cheryl Ong
Thai Dance Mentors: Kornkarn Rungsawang, Patcharin Bundit, Zack Kampanath Ruangkittivilas 
Costume Design: Vorapol Suporn
Special Credits: Rungtawan Kongnuj 
Bodhisattva Japanese Paintings: Kimura Ryoko
Funded by Norwegian Art Council ( kulturrådet )
Co- Production: BIT Teatergarasjen, Taipei Performing Arts Center, RISK - RIMI/ IMIR Scenekunst
Project Management: Ray Tseng Lighting Studio
Photography: Siwanat Phongbunkumlarp
Residencies: Nordic Residency Exchange Program 2021, 2019 TTTIFA ( Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts ) Residency Artist

Presenter: Taipei Performing Arts Center
In Partnership with CN D
Supported by CHANEL

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