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2023 camping asia - Unisex #01 主要圖片

2023 camping asia - Unisex #01

2023-11-26 - 2023-11-27
2023 camping asia Unisex #01 - program

The dance performance Unisex #01 investigates the topic of sexuality through a reflection on magnetism and the ambiguous body. In an intelligently structured space, choreographer Osamu Shikichi incorporates the human body and an object that both respond to stimuli from the environment and change over time. The attraction of human sexuality is demonstrated through the subtle physical interaction between performers and how their movements and space inform each other, creating a captivating world that radiates unpredictability, ambiguity, and sensuality. 

Having studied sculpture and video art before expanding into dance, Shikichi is an emerging artist who has garnered attention in both the contemporary art and performing arts fields. In 2020, his piece happy ice-cream won the French Embassy Prize at the YDC Competition I in Japan. During his three-month residency at the Centre national de la danse in Paris in June 2021, which was part of the award program, Shikichi had the opportunity to work with Lee Sehyoung. It was during this time that he found inspiration in the image of Hermaphrodite at the Louvre. The topic of sexuality became clear during his encounter with the Greek god, as he acquired both male and female sexual characteristics. This work also echoes the episode of Androgynos, the god of both genders, in Plato's The Symposium.

Japan|Osamu Shikichi

Born in Japan, Osamu Shikichi started making performances while doing sculpture and mixed media. Though one cannot view oneself objectively from an external perspective, Shikichi endeavors to grasp the true essence of oneself by observing another individual formed from the closest materials. Shikichi is interested in identifying and blurring the boundaries of the human body in the process. And as the performance shifted more to focus on physical movements and body qualities, he began working more in dance and performing arts fields. Shikichi is currently based in Belgium and Japan and has been awarded the fellowship artist of the POLA Art Foundation 2023-24. He obtained Master's degrees from both P.A.R.T.S. and Tokyo University of the Arts. 

2023_CA_資料夾/售票節目/Unisex/Osamu Shikichi

Korea|Lee Sehyoung

Born in Seoul, Lee Sehyoung is currently based in Paris, studying contemporary art at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts. He creates works in various forms, examining the indeterminate correlation between the world, himself, and the things that confront him. He interprets these examinations through poetry and diagrams, creating a network of becoming that connects performance, space, and audience. He has presented (Ici)divague, a piece that combines performance, sculpture, and sound work, at the graduation exhibition of Beaux-Arts and at the exhibition No No FEST in 2021 at Maison Populaire. He also presented Double-cross, a piece of performance, installation, and sound work at CRUSH 2023. As a performer, he has appeared in works by choreographers including Boris Charmatz, Emmanuelle Huynh, and Andrew Tay & Stephen Thompson.

2023_CA_資料夾/售票節目/Unisex/Sehyoung Lee

Concept and Choreography : Osamu Shikichi 
Movement Developer : Lee Sehyoung  
Performance : Osamu Shikichi, Lee Sehyoung
Sounds Engineer : Lee Sehyoung, Rodrigo Sommer
Photography: YDC_dancecross

Presenter: Taipei Performing Arts Center
In Partnership with CN D
Supported by CHANEL

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