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2023 camping asia - Terms and Conditions Apply 主要圖片

2023 camping asia - Terms and Conditions Apply

2023-11-23 - 2023-11-24
2023 camping asia Terms and Conditions Apply - program

Deploying a simple game structure, Terms and Conditions Apply invites both spectators and performers to blur the lines between play and performance. In this dance work, Aseng Borang investigates how behaviors embody and resist a constructed culture, putting the viewing bodies and performing bodies into constantly changing and flowing conflicts. 

Imagine an enclosed space in which there are codes of behavior and conduct. What starts to occur when some bodies start to defy the rules of a codified space? And what happens when some bodies do not wish to defy the rules? Does anybody ever just “witness”? Does the act of witnessing translate into another act of obedience? What motivates people to obey or disobey?

India|Aseng Borang

A dance practitioner, choreographer, and dance writer from India. Her practice incorporates objects, landscape, performative text, Yoga, Pole Dance, and contemporary movement techniques. Her embodied practice is informed by the ongoing presence of politics surrounding her racialized female body. Her works investigate the physical and the subjective body within the constellation of resistance, vulnerability, violence, and anarchy. The creation of codified spaces, in which the objective bodies perform, view, and experience the space as an alternate reality, is a choreographic pursuit in her practice. 

The practice of Aseng is multi-disciplinary and collaborative in nature, and it questions the politics and absurdity of our realities. She wishes to challenge: the popular notions of meaning makings in/of "dance" and cinema; the hegemonic structures present in the systems of dance; what is performance in the current times; and how is performance being read today. Aseng has completed her Master's degree in Performance Practice (Dance) from Ambedkar University Delhi. In November 2021, she founded STUDIO YINGKO in her hometown of Roing, Arunachal Pradesh. This organization endeavors to include the local communities in the process of movement-making and dance-making.


Performers: Manju Sharma, Jasmine Yadav, Dennis Barwa, Aseng Borang

Presenter: Taipei Performing Arts Center
In Partnership with CN D
Supported by CHANEL

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