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全民瘋藝穗-後浪襲來趕緊卡位ლ( • ̀ω•́ )っ


◆ 投稿主題:2023臺北藝穗節任一節目之觀後心得
◆ 投稿期間:2023/8/19(六)-9/5(二),於該場次演出欣賞完畢後48小時發表為佳
◆ 投稿字數:300字以上


Audience Speaks Up

You have so much to say after watching the performances but don't know where to share. We introduce the “Audience Speaks Up” platform to encourage theater lovers to share their genuine thoughts. We look forward to hearing your critical opinions, as long as they are not personal attacks.

◆ Topic: Your thoughts after viewing the show of 2023 TFF
◆ Submitted period: From 19 Aug. to 5 Sep. in 2023, within 48 hours after the show
◆ Word requirement: At least 300 words

The feedback, after verified by the organizers, will be published in the TFF“Audience Speaks Up” section. When you submit more than ten entries, you will have a chance to win a prize!
*For more information on how to win the prize, please check our official site.
文字至少300字以上(含標點符號、空格)At least 300 words